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Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) symptoms can vary in severity from person to person. Typically affecting the hand and wrist, some of the symptoms that workers affected by CTS can experience include: 

Numbness & Tingling

One of the earliest and most common signs of work-related CTS is a numbness or tingling sensation in the thumb, middle finger, index finger, and sometimes part of the ring finger. Numbness and tingling occur while performing repetitive hand movements. 

Pain or Discomfort

Workers suffering from CTS may complain of pain or aches in the affected wrist and hand. This pain can radiate up to the arm. The discomfort can be more pronounced during activities that involve flexing or extending the wrist. E.g., typing or using a mouse. 


As the symptoms of CTS progress, the injured employee may also notice a weakness in their hand. This can make it difficult to grasp or hold objects. 

Burning Sensation

Workers affected by CTS may also experience a burning or itching sensation in the palms of their hands and fingers. 


Swelling of the hand and fingers, particularly around the base of the thumb, is another common symptom of work-related CTS.

Worsening Symptoms

Symptoms associated with CTS will worsen over time if ignored or left untreated. The frequency and intensity of the symptoms will increase and may begin to occur during less repetitive or strenuous activities.