The First Provider Seen Determines the Cost and the Outcome of an Injury.
Choose Wisely.

Partnering with Employers to bring a personalized, evidence-based medical doctor advise and direction…
remotely to your worksite.

WorkPartners’ Service Model

Injury Prevention

Safety Engagement Platform
POETs and FCEs

Injury Prevention

Reduction in Frequency
Safety Engagement Platform –
Engaging and measuring front-line employees and supervisors is the leading indicator to safety culture.
POET and FCEs –
Post Offer Testing helps you not to hire your next claim.
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WorkPartners Pre-Clinical Injury Intervention

Non-Recordable MSK Response

Pre-Clinical Injury Intervention

Injuries Resolved On-Site
WorkPartners –
Our MD’s partner with you 24/7 to provide sound guidance to your field safety leader for higher employee satisfaction and productivity and lowering DART rate and TRIR.
Non-Recordable MSK Response –
Strains/Sprains account for 60% of costs and lost-time. These injuries require high-touch to resolve in the field.
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Post Clinical WP-Led
Medical Management

MD-led Medical Mgmt

Medical Case Management

Reduction in Total Incurred Costs
Our MD’s Have Your Back –
When injured workers go into the medical system you need to know what is appropriate injury related care. We minimize wasted medical spend and lost time. Our MD’s also engage the injured worker all along the care path to ensure cooperating with their recovery.
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While Nurse Triage was a significant benefit to employers when it was introduced over three decades ago, smart employers are now looking for the next level of service to lower DART and TRIR.
WorkPartners was the first and now largest provider that utilizes occupational medical doctors as a remote first point of contact for your injured worker and not nurses. As a result, if we can work with a supervisor, we are able to keep over 85% of all the injuries called into WorkPartners in the field as a first-aid event. Equally important is that our team of medical doctors each hold the value that injured workers who feel understood and cared for heal faster. And you are kept informed through every step in the injury episode.

WorkPartners can Lower Your Recordables and Save Total Incurred Costs.

Plug in your numbers and find out. *


*The results calculated above are reflective of outcomes that our clients attain. Your company’s results may vary depending on utilization, supervisor support, and strength of leadership.

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