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Medical Doctor Early Injury Intervention

Utilizing both our 800-injury line and when needed, the Mend Telemedicine platform (mend.com), WorkPartners injury intervention helps companies that wish to improve the quality of job-site first aid delivered to their employees immediately after a non-life threatening injury. At the same time, lowering the company’s OSHA recordable rate, EMR, and lost time days. This service is available anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico: 24/7/365.

Case Review & Management

WorkPartners is your solution if you ever felt that your safety staff could benefit from a medical doctor’s knowledge and experience. WorkPartners is your solution when an injury case starts to go sideways or beyond your scope and you are looking for our analysis and direction.

Clinic Identification and Management

While quality occupational medical clinics are either fading away or being absorbed by larger companies, have you noticed these larger organizations are seemingly out of sync with both practicing good occupational medicine and understanding there is also a real company behind the injured worker? If your answer is yes, then WorkPartners has a plan and program to manage clinics on your company’s behalf across the United States.

What people say about us

Jeff Anderson, South Side Crane, Owner

“I don’t really want our injured worker into the medical machine if he doesn’t need to. Once they enter into the system any number of
unfavorable outcomes can occur.”

Tara Handlos, UKG, Safety Manager

“Our employees are our most important asset. WorkPartners allows us to manage work-related injury with medical care triage from doctors. This enables us to get employees immediate care for their injury/illness and get them back to work quickly. Additionally, we have found that by having doctors knowledgeable in occupational medicine managing our injuries that we have been able to reduce our TRIR, DART and EMR year-over-year.”

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