About Our Company

At WorkPartners, we redefine occupational medicine. Led by Dr. Fred Mosley, our team is dedicated to exceptional advice and comprehensive treatment for non-life threatening injuries.
By prioritizing both the patients and the company’s best interests, we achieve optimal outcomes. With expertise in OSHA regulations, we deliver effective solutions and innovative safety consultation services. Experience occupational medicine excellence at WorkPartners.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is driven by a shared commitment to excellence. With a focus on OSHA compliance and best-in-class safety practices, we deliver exceptional occupational safety services that safeguard employees, protect companies, and foster a culture of well-being.

Meet Dr Fred Mosley

Medical Director and Occupational Medicine Pioneer

Meet Dr. Fred Mosley, our Medical Director and a pioneer in occupational medicine. With over three decades of experience, he has redefined non-life threatening injury treatment and workers’ compensation.

Dr. Mosley’s passion for reform was ignited by a personal work related injury. Since then, he has dedicated his career to improving the system and advocating for patient-centered care.

As the driving force behind WorkPartners, Dr. Mosley leads our team in delivering exceptional injury intervention services, while considering the best interests of patients and companies. With deep expertise in OSHA regulations, he ensures compliance and promotes workplace safety.

Join us in welcoming Dr. Fred Mosley, a visionary in occupational medicine, and experience the difference he makes in creating safer workplaces and optimal patient outcomes

Mark A. Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Mark A. Smith oversees the overall operations of WorkPartners. With a focus on profitability and organizational structure, he leads strategic initiatives and communicates with our ownership group.

Jalane Olson

Chief Financial Officer

Jalane is a highly skilled professional overseeing WorkPartners’ financial reporting, analysis, budgeting, accounting policies and procedures, and tax management. With a strong background in finance and a keen eye for detail, Jalane ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial data. Her expertise in financial management and strategic planning allows her to make informed decisions that drive the company’s success.

Jeff Mosley

Vice President

Jeff Mosley, as the Vice President, is responsible for driving sales and company growth at WorkPartners. He manages the sales staff across the United States, ensuring our services reach a wider audience.

Patty Dohman

Operations and Key Accounts

Patty Dohman is responsible for the overall operations at WorkPartners. She leads hiring and training efforts, develops scalable systems, manages logistics, identifies
clinics, and onboards new client companies. Patty also serves as a key account manager.

Patrick Jacobwith

General Counsel

Patrick Jacobwith handles regulatory compliance, new company contracting, negotiations, and general administration at WorkPartners. With extensive legal expertise, he ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Lisa Angelone

Inside Sales

Lisa Angelone serves as the Senior Sales Assistant and clinic relationship manager at WorkPartners. She supports sales activities and manages relationships with clinics, playing a crucial role in our business development efforts.