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What are Remote Triage Services?

Remote triage services refer to medical advice and guidance provided over the phone by trained medical professionals. They can be a crucial component of effective injury management in workplace injuries. By providing immediate guidance to employees, we can help prevent further injury and ensure they receive the care they need as quickly as possible.

Benefits of choosing remote triage for managing workplace injuries:

Immediate medical advice and guidance over the phone

Trained medical professionals available 24/7

Customized triage protocols to meet your specific needs

Minimized disruptions to your business operations

Different Kinds of Remote Triage

Remote triage services are designed to provide immediate, over-the-phone medical assessment and advice, especially for industries where workplace injuries are common, such as the oil and gas Industry, heavy-duty machinery sites, and construction. 

There are different kinds of remote triage services, offered by medical professionals like doctors and nurses, that can provide immediate help and support, regardless of your employee’s location or medical condition. Whether it’s a minor issue or a more serious medical emergency, remote triage services can provide guidance and assistance to help you make informed decisions about employee health and well-being.

These are the different kinds of remote triage services –

Nurse Triage

doctor triage services

Nurse triage is a service where employees are offered phone access to a registered nurse who helps callers during times of emergency. Typically, the nurse will listen to the problem, ask for symptoms and accordingly offer medical advice to the patient or direct him to visit the Emergency Room (ER).

This not only helps provide timely and efficient care, specifically for non-life-threatening medical problems, but also helps reassure employees who might be in a state of confusion, pain, stress, or panic.

The main goal of nurse triage is to provide patients with the immediate and appropriate level of medical care and prevent unnecessary costly visits to the Emergency Room. This not only helps save costs for business owners but also assures employees that they have access to urgent medical care. 

For example, in any typical heavy industry company, a nurse triage service can be availed if an employee gets a minor injury while handling equipment. Immediate first-aid steps are discussed, and advice is offered if further medical attention is needed. Quick response also prevents infection and ensures proper wound care. Hence, seeking remote triage care benefits everyone.

Telephone Triage

Telephone triage is a comprehensive service that involves evaluating the patient’s symptoms and medical history over the phone to provide appropriate medical guidance. This service ensures that employees receive timely advice without needing an in-person visit.

Telephone triage, managed by highly trained medical professionals, ensures a timely response. These professionals assess your employees’ symptoms and medical history over the phone, providing an immediate and accurate understanding of the issue for prompt and appropriate care.

While telephone triage enables proper diagnosis and treatment by evaluating medical history and condition, it is also cost-effective as it can reduce the need for expensive doctor’s appointments or emergency room visits. This cost-saving measure benefits the company, making it a smart financial decision.

Moreover, quick access to medical professionals and diagnosis can help employees recover faster, leading to improved health and well-being and fewer days away from work.

Doctor Triage

A concept similar to nurse triage, doctor triage (as the name explains) is led by licensed physicians who provide medical consultations over the phone. The doctor triage service is particularly effective in more complex workplace injuries that require more medical assistance. 

Let us understand how a doctor triage service works. Doctor triage services provide employees with telephone or video call access to MDs. In situations where employees sustain workplace injuries, a video call is arranged with the doctor. The physician assesses the situation and the extent of the injury, and offers initial medical support and advise as to how the patient should be treated.

 Doctor triage services can offer immediate diagnosis, recommend treatments, and prescribe medication if required, reducing the need for making expensive and, sometimes, unnecessary ER trips. 

Main advantages of Doctor Triage that can benefit your employees:

This can reduce overall healthcare expenses, minimize employee downtime, and save the company valuable resources.

Which is Better: Nurse Triage Services Vs. Doctor Triage Services?

Deciding between nurse triage and doctor triage services depends on the precise needs of your business and employees. If the need is for more qualified medical advise, the doctor triage is a better option.
Here is a quick comparison between nurse triage services vs. doctor triage services.  

  • Cost: Nurse triage services are generally more cost-effective than doctor triage services. They are suitable for routine injuries and common medical conditions. However, an MD is obviously more suitable to give medical advice than a nurse. Also, a doctor can make medical decisions, which a nurse cannot.
    For example, here at WorkPartners, our “First Provider Seen” 24/7 Occupational Doctor model is uniquely able to gain injured employees’ confidence while navigating the complexities of OSHA, and Occupational Medicine treatment strategies.

  • Expertise: Doctor triage services are recommended for all workplaces where employees are prone to injuries (like heavy equipment manufacturing, Oil and Gas industry, construction sites etc), providing a higher level of medical expertise for complex or severe injuries or medical issues.

  • Response Time: Both services offer quick responses, but the urgency of the medical issue may dictate whether a nurse or doctor is more relevant.

Benefits of Medical Phone Triage by WorkPartners MDs

Employers across the USA face challenges when managing workplace injuries, including providing timely and appropriate medical care while controlling costs. 

The medical phone triage services WorkPartners MDs provide offer several key benefits that directly address these concerns, improving employee outcomes and employer efficiency.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Unlike nurse triage, which often relies on injury algorithms, protocols, and administrative tasks such as workers’ compensation paperwork (e.g., First Report of Injury – FROI), our MDs are more equipped to deal with workplace injuries and offer a more comprehensive range of medical services. 

This includes thorough assessments, precise diagnoses, and the ability to provide treatments, resulting in more accurate medical care and reduced risk of prolonged injuries.

Enhanced Trust and Compliance

WorkPartner’s MD interventions lead to better adherence to medical advice and faster recovery times. This can result in higher employee satisfaction and reduced downtime, which benefits the employer through improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Significant Cost Savings

The WorkPartners MDs can increase indemnity savings by providing MD clinical oversight and contemporary reviews. This support helps your Third Party Administrator (TPA) manage cases more effectively, ensuring that all treatments and interventions are medically appropriate and cost-efficient. The result is a more controlled workers’ compensation program with fewer unnecessary expenses.

Improved Case Management

With MDs leading the remote triage process, case management is more streamlined and effective. Doctors can make real-time, informed decisions that align with best medical practices, leading to quicker, more appropriate treatment plans. This reduces the duration of disability and the overall impact on the workforce.

Reduced DART Rate

Effective medical triage can significantly lower the Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) rate by providing prompt medical intervention. Early and accurate treatment helps prevent minor injuries from developing into major issues, enabling employees to return to work sooner and reducing overall downtime.

OSHA Compliance

Utilizing doctor triage services helps employers meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations by ensuring that workplace injuries are managed promptly and effectively. This adherence minimizes the risk of penalties and enhances overall workplace safety, protecting the company’s reputation and operational continuity.

By utilizing WorkPartners’ advanced framework of remote triage services, US employers can ensure their workforce receives high-quality care, leading to better health outcomes, increased trust, and cost savings. Our MDs provide immediate medical advice and support effective case management, aligning with your business’s health and safety goals. 

How Can Medical Triage Services Reduce DART Rate?

The Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) rate is essential for your business. It indicates the number of workplace injuries and illnesses that lead to time off work. 

High DART rates can significantly impact productivity and compliance with OSHA standards. However, by implementing medical triage services, you can effectively reduce the DART rate, leading to improved productivity and enhanced OSHA compliance.

  • Early Intervention: Immediate medical advice prevents minor injuries from becoming severe, and quick care reduces the need for extended time off work.
remote traige services
  • Accurate Assessment: Professional triage ensures precise injury assessments, reducing unnecessary ER visits and enabling faster recovery.
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: Doctors provide personalized treatment plans, facilitating faster recoveries and modified work duties.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Follow-up consultations monitor progress and adjust treatments, preventing prolonged recovery periods.
  • Enhanced Case Management: MD oversight ensures medically appropriate, cost-effective treatments, minimizing unnecessary time off.

By partnering with WorkPartners, companies can effectively manage workplace injuries, reduce the DART rate, and enhance productivity and OSHA compliance.

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How does WorkPartners Remote Triage Doctor Work?

When an employee gets injured, especially in a remote location,  the typical route followed was – visit the ER or hospital, get pain medications, and get time off from work. This would also be recorded as an injury. This is neither good for the injured worker or the business owners. Enter WorkPartners. We try to triage the employee with conservative care, make him feel better, and see if we can avoid a recordable injury wherever possible. So it’s a win-win for both. 

This is how it works – 

  1. The injured worker will call our phone number (800) 359-5020 
  2. The physician will take the call and start asking basic questions like name, business, line of work. 
  3. From there, our MDs will start triaging the injury. This can be done through a video call, where our physicians start asking probing questions to understand what happened, and then take an appropriate decision on whether we can give the patient conservative care with our triage kits or whether he should visit an urgent care clinic. Here too, our doctors will be in touch with the clinic, so that the doctor knows what they are expecting.

At WorkPartners, we understand that workplace injuries can be a major concern for businesses of any size. We are committed to delivering remote services that remotely offer immediate, professional medical guidance. We aim to ensure your employees acquire the best possible care while minimizing disruptions to your business operations.



Here’s why you should choose us:

We use only physicians:  We are a doctor triage service, which helps offer excellent virtual medical care. Our doctors know how to work with occupational injuries, what questions to ask, how best to treat the injured person so that he can get back to work soon. They are trained extremely well in what they have to do, which might not be possible for a normal physician. 

We are well-versed with OSHA guidelines: We understand how OSHA recordables and how they can affect a company’s TRIR. It is extremely important to understand those laws, and not many do. This is why we have been able to help so many companies help reduce OSHA recordables, while benefitting the employees as well.   

We have physicians who are experienced in dealing with injury-prone sectors:  All our doctors have the experience of dealing with injured workers who come in from energy companies, heavy manufacturing sectors, oil and gas etc. We have been treating these injuries for a long time and we know what we are dealing with.  

The WorkPartners team is there for you 24/7. If you want to talk about how to enhance your workplace safety with our MD remote triage services, call us at (800) 359-5020 or fill out our contact form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote triage involves:

  • Assessing and managing medical conditions over the phone.
  • Providing immediate medical advice.
  • Guiding patients on the next steps.

Telephone triage involves evaluating symptoms and medical history over the phone and offering appropriate medical guidance without needing an in-person visit.

Our services offer immediate access to professional medical advice, cost savings, reduced DART rates, and enhanced employee well-being.

Our triage doctors can prescribe medication if necessary, ensuring that employees receive timely and appropriate treatment.