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Grades Of Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are commonly classified into three grades or levels based on the severity of the injury. These grades provide a general framework for understanding ankle sprains, but individual cases may vary. 

The three grades of ankle sprains are:

Grade 1 (Mild)

 Ligament Damage: Slight stretching or microscopic tearing of the ligament fibers.

 Symptoms: Mild pain, minimal swelling, and little to no joint instability.

 Range of Motion: Generally, the range of motion is maintained, and the employee can often bear weight on the affected ankle.

Grade 2 (Moderate)

Ligament Damage: Partial tearing of the ligament.

Symptoms: Moderate pain, noticeable swelling, and some joint instability.

Range of Motion: Reduced range of motion and walking may be challenging for the worker.

Grade 3 (Severe)

Ligament Damage: Complete tearing of the ligament or ligaments.

Symptoms: Severe pain, significant swelling, and pronounced joint instability.

Range of Motion: Limited to no range of motion, and weight-bearing is often very painful or impossible for the worker.