Common Work Related Injuries

Whether in an office or working on-site, both can be equally risky when it comes to getting injured. The work related injuries might differ from one workplace to another, but some are quite common everywhere. Both the employer and employees should know about these injuries in order to prevent them.

If someone gets injured, it affects both the company and the workers, leading to unhappy employees and unfinished work. The person might also spend more money on insurance, which can take a while to get back to work. Apart from that, they might miss important tasks, earn less money, and even feel embarrassed about the situation.

To avoid getting injured, it’s good to know a few common things that can cause workplace injuries. Let’s find out what you need to know about some common work related injuries.

The Most Common Work Related Injuries & Prevention Tips

Even in regular offices, getting injured has become a common mishap. Therefore, business owners need to understand the most common work-related injuries and how to prevent them to avoid a big workers’ compensation problem. Also, employees should learn about the risks of workplace injuries to help them stay safe.

  • Fall, Trip, or Slip

Falling, tripping, or slipping at work might hurt your head or back, break your arms or legs, get cuts, sprains, or even muscle injuries.

Common Workplace Injuries

To avoid such discomfort, it’s important to keep your workspace clean. Try wiping oily surfaces, and removing rugs or flooring that isn’t safe or is slippery. Make sure the workplace has good lighting with organized cables and plugs and is kept clean all the time.

Workers should also try wearing the right shoes and be attentive while walking around.

Following these simple tips can help keep you safe at work.

  • Injuries from Machines

Getting injured by machines during work is a matter of concern if they’re not taken care of properly. Machines that aren’t well-maintained, managed, or used incorrectly, can cause really bad injuries.

The Most Common Work-Related Injuries

Some common accidents may include body parts getting stuck or hit by moving machinery or machine parts flying out of it. This can lead to crushed arms, cut fingers, lost eyesight, or even worse. Machine parts like pulleys or belts are more dangerous when they don’t work properly.

To lower the risk of injuries caused by machines, it’s important to make sure there are safety measures for workers using them. Also, people should be provided with safety gear, and protective clothing and should also be trained properly before using high-end machines.

Vehicle or Transportation Related Injuries

People working in manufacturing or farming industries are more likely to suffer vehicle- or transportation-related injuries. They are more likely to get hit, fall off a vehicle, or even get stuck under it.

most common types of workplace injuries

To avoid such work related injuries companies need to figure out who is most at risk, where and when accidents might happen, and then make plans to prevent them. This includes making the workplace safe, teaching employees the right way to handle automobiles, and practicing what to do in emergency situations.

Injuries from Fire and Explosions

Problems like broken gas lines, ill-fitted pipes, or materials stored incorrectly can cause sudden fires or explosions. These can result in burns and changes in appearance, and even affect a person’s breathing system.

The Most Common Workplace Accidents & Injuries

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) suggests that companies follow safety rules, such as educating their workers about fire and explosion-related dangers, to help them avoid injury during work.

Also, workers should wear gear to protect themselves and have information sheets about directions for using a safety kit when needed. Additionally, having a proper plan of exit and practicing mock drills can help reduce the risk.

Stress and Overexertion Related Injuries

Accident Prevention in the Workplace

Getting tired from doing the same work repeatedly or putting too much strain on your body can also cause injuries. These injuries build up over time affecting muscles and bones, and can result in one of the most expensive health issues.

Jobs related to lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, holding, and throwing can lead to overexertion. These injuries make it hard for workers to do their jobs and cost companies a lot—for instance, back pain, which costs about $7.4 billion annually.

It is important to take short breaks, rest, and stretch during work to avoid these injuries. If your job demands moving heavy things (over 50 pounds) throughout the day, companies should provide tools or machines to help make things easy.

Feeling Tired or Fatigue

If your work makes you feel tired, you might feel physically or mentally exhausted. This can make mental work difficult, slow down your reactions when using machines, and take longer to respond in emergencies further leading to accidents.

Dangerous Substances

Avoiding protective gear or not having proper warnings about harmful or hazardous substances can make workers sick. Companies should ensure that everyone who works with chemicals or other dangerous substances wears protective clothes, eyewear, and gloves. Unawareness might also cause burns, explosions, blindness, and other serious problems.

Workplace Conflicts or Violence

Everyone at work needs to be careful about situations that might become violent. Don’t ignore arguments between coworkers, especially if it’s about things like sexual harassment or assault. Dealing with these issues is important to keep the work environment safe.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

Accident Prevention in the Workplace

In 2018, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 5,000 workers lost their lives due to work related injuries. While every job has some risk factors, certain industries might require strict safety rules to protect their employees.

High-risk occupations like long-haul trucking, construction, forestry, farming, and other labor-intensive jobs carry the highest risk of injuries at work. OSHA has identified the “Fatal Four” most common injuries for construction workers, which include—

  • Falling
  • Entangled or caught between machinery
  • Electrocutions
  • Being hit by an object

Staying safe at work is not just a rule but something every worker deserves. When employees feel safe and valued, they do their jobs better and feel like they belong. Making safety a top priority helps prevent accidents and shows that a company cares about its people.

Feel Safe at Work with WorkPartners

Importance of Workplace Safety

Both workers and businesses need to avoid work-related injuries. At WorkPartners, we’re here to support you throughout this journey. Our team of medical experts is always available to provide helpful advice and keep you safe at your workplace.

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By teaming up with WorkPartners, you’re not just getting a service—you’re gaining a proactive ally in promoting a safe and healthy work environment. Together, we can minimize the risk of injuries and create a workplace where your well-being is a top priority.

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