Clinic Identification and Management

Our physicians have 30 plus years of work in the occupational health industry

With Dr. Mosley’s 30 plus years working in the occupational health field he has learned many things. Chief among them is that working with care facilities (clinics, E.R’s, U.C.’s) across the United States that have a real understanding of occupational health, and how to effectively right size the treatment to the injury, is rare. Many times the care facility has very little understanding on how to treat an injured worker. Our process helps avoid unnecessary recordables that can have deleterious effects on not only the injured worker, but the company behind the worker.

WorkPartners can help build the relationship between your company and high-quality providers up front. We can help you identify facilities across the United States that can become an asset to both the injured worker and your company.

We will assist in:

  • Identification and management of facilities.
  • Detailing your company’s up front goals and expectations with the care facility.
  • Maintaining contact and communication with the care facilities management, nurses, and physicians.
  • Keeping a detailed “scorecard” on care the facility performance with regard to treatment philosophy and management of occupational injuries.

Pricing is based on your company needs and your level of desired WorkPartners involvement. Please call Jeff Mosley at: (651) 323-8654 or click below to learn more.

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