• Occupational Medicine
  • Triage & Medical Management
  • Chiropractic & Decompression
  • After Hours Program
  • Acute Injury Care and Treatment
    > Phone Triage / Medical Management
    > Strain / Sprain
    > Cumulative Trauma / Repetitive Motion
    > Fractures – Laceration Repair
    > Return to Work Evaluations
    > Foreign Body Eye
    > Chiropractic Care
  • Physical Examination Specialty Areas
    > DOT Examinations
    > Pre-Employment Evaluations
    > Pre-Employment Fit Testing
    > Fitness for Duty Examinations
    > Return to Work Examinations
  • Drug & Alcohol Screens
    > DOT
    > NON-DOT
    > Hair Collection
    > Breath Alcohol
    > Quick Screens
  • On-Site Screening
    > Pulmonary Function Tests
    > Audiometric Screening
    > X-Ray
    > EKG
  • Other Services
    > Spinal Decompression (Lordex Certified)
    > Functional Capacity Evaluations
    > PPI Evaluations
    > WorkSTEPS Certified
    > After Hours Care
  • Providers
    > Fred Mosley, M.D.
    > Joel Jahraus, M.D.
    > Jesse Kovash, D.C.
    > Tiffany Lamping, P.A.
    > Geralyn Hayden, R.N.

If the past two decades of dealing with work related injuries have taught WorkPartners anything, it’s that occupational medicine is a very unique discipline of medicine. It’s not that other clinics or doctors have inferior education or training necessarily, it’s that we simply understand that for our business model to work, we have to provide exceptional medical care to the patient while at the same time keeping their company interests in mind by fully understanding OSHA rules and regulations.

Over the years we have been able to forge unique relationships with our clients and patients alike. We pride ourselves on our ability to think out-side of the norm and make difficult medical decisions, and if we make a mistake we are never afraid to acknowledge it and move forward. WorkPartners believes a same day or walk-in “one stop shop” mentality and clinic set up is necessary. Essentially if you are an employer we can cover every aspect of employee work life ranging from a new hire physical where often we can detect potential problems for the employer, to acute injury care.

Dr. Mosley has always felt that utilizing a chiropractor in his facility is a major benefit and we understand that for continuity of care we have to make our services easily accessible as well as economically affordable. Several years ago we implemented an after-hours and weekend program for companies to utilize on a contract basis; we believe from industry research we are about 50% the cost of a traditional after hour injury care or program. In addition to this service we instituted a phone triage and medical management division available by contract for those desiring a Medical Doctor as their first line of defense in the field. We have been wildly successful to date with this program as companies have experienced a precipitous drop in medical facility visits from workers across the United States.

We look forward to working with you!

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